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Hot die forging,forging press for auto parts' hot forging
This videos is a client's site from Xuchang,the client is using forging press machine for auto parts' producing.From which we can see clearly the cnc forging press machine has the feature of Quick forming,extend die's lifetime:The speed of slide block will be very quick when it nears to the bottom dead point,so the time is very short to forming the material,and the forged parts can be completed before it becomes cool.

Haloong forging press has lower noise and vibration:Compare with impact hammer,the pressure of servo forging press produces inside of the frame,there is no excessive vibration to the ground,so the cost of foundation is cheaper.The noise and vibration of servo press are far less than those of ompact hammer.

High automation,unmanned production :The automatic production line is available,and the whole automatic process do not need the skilled workers.