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Forging enterprises understand these two methods, the profits will continue to grow

Forging enterprises are looking for ways to reduce costs, and most of the methods suitable for reducing costs in the manufacturing industry can also be used in forging production. Through practice, several effective quantitative visual management methods are summarized and integrated into daily production, providing reference for the factory managers of forging enterprises.  

One. Recruitment and reserve of talents  

The primary task of automatic upgrade and transformation is to accurately analyze the production enterprise's own demand, synthesize the long and short term goals, find out the short board of technology at the same time, find the important factors that restrict the promotion of economic benefits, in order to replace the artificial automation in large quantities of production  

When the economic benefits are significantly improved in the production process, a large number of experienced and fast-learning talents are needed. Talents can not only provide enterprises with various effective reference information and reasonable opinions needed in the early stage, but also can be used after the investment of new hardware equipment.  

For enterprises to provide more detailed engineering management and implementation details, in the whole process of automatic transformation, to provide a variety of feasibility analysis and solutions, to ensure that the whole process of automatic transformation more smoothly.  

Two, and the process of upgrading and transformation  

Automatic production replaces manual production in the final analysis to rely on automatic equipment and supporting technology to complete, so a large proportion of the cost of automation transformation input for equipment and technology introduction of expenditure.  From the perspective of the proportion of investment, there are two ways to achieve the automation of forging enterprises: the whole line of automatic forging press equipment invested in a new process;  Automatic upgrade of production line equipment is gradually carried out from the single equipment (automatic spraying device of mold release agent).