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Forging enterprises do well in these two points, the benefit of 30%

Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2018 put forward a new generation of intelligent manufacturing, automation and digitalization, informatization and networking (big data, Internet of things and cloud computing), is a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology depth fusion, throughout the whole life cycle of product design, manufacturing, service integration of the optimization of the each link and the corresponding system,  It is the core driving force of the new round of industrial revolution to continuously improve the product quality, benefit and service level of enterprises and reduce the energy consumption of resources, and it is the main path for the transformation and upgrading of forging enterprises in the next decades.  

one. Realize the automation, digitalization and information manufacturing of forging industry  

Implementation forging automation, digitization and informatization of manufacturing industry, needs to be a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence technology and the technology of forging process, the combination of through forging and forging process computer aided design, forging production, forging quality inspection, management and service and so on each link of the whole process, big data is obtained by perception system parameters and information technology,  The forging process, system and mode has the function of intelligent optimization decision, precise control and self-execution  

Second, to carry out transformation and upgrading at two levels with the goal of automation and informationization  

With the goal of automation and informationization, two levels of transformation and upgrading are carried out. One is the automatic upgrade of equipment, focusing on the popularization of "machine replacement" work in harsh operating environment, and fully realizing the transformation and upgrading of automatic loading and unloading, automatic operation and other links.  


The second is to promote the information engineering construction of small and medium-sized enterprises, including the Internet + automatic forging enterprise upgrade project, enterprise management information project, market development information project, etc.  

Intelligence is the ultimate goal, on the basis of forging industry cloud platform, set up equipment intelligent remote operations, the fault diagnosis expert system, establish a forging industry process design and validation, production organization, process control, quality control, etc. The number of twin models, gradually improve automation, digitization and informatization forging unit the CPS system,  The new generation of artificial intelligence technology and CPS system are deeply integrated to achieve a new production mode with self-perception, self-learning, self-decision, self-execution and self-adaptation.