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630ton forging press for the Russian experiment for hot forging

This vodeo shows 630 ton electrical screw forging press for the Russian  experiment for hot forging pieces.

Process controlled as planned,wide application range:According to the set pressure energy,the forging press can make slide fall down acceleratedly first,then slow down the slide block,and press the forged parts with set energy.The forging press with bigger tons can forge small forgings,one stroke time is little change.The bigger forging press can be used to instead of smaller forging press,and the bigger one can yield twice the result than that of smaller ones.

Compare with impact hammer,the pressure of servo forging press produces inside of the frame,there is no excessive vibration to the ground,so the cost of foundation is cheaper.The noise and vibration of servo press are far less than those of ompact hammer.

High automation,unmanned production :The automatic production line is available,and the whole automatic process do not need the skilled workers.