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The future of forging enterprises is seen from the development prospect of auto parts industry

one  Forging enterprises output expansion  

Forging industry is in the growth stage and has a good development prospect.  Foreign large forging enterprises have increased their investment in China through direct investment and mergers and acquisitions.  On the one hand, it improves the overall level of Forging industry in China, on the other hand, it also increases the degree of forging automation competition in the domestic market.  

Forging automation

Second, the regional development characteristics of forging are obvious, and the downstream application fields are broad  

Forging industry has broad application fields.  Especially in the future automobile, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, power equipment and other large development space conditions, the state has also issued relevant policies to support.  Therefore, forward-looking view, forgings as an important raw material of these industries, will also have a good development opportunity with the development of these industries.  At the same time, with the improvement of forging technology level, there will be certain development opportunities in aerospace, military and other fields.  

Qianzhan Industry Research Institute believes that it is urgent to grasp the technological transformation of casting and forging enterprises and strive to improve the quality of forging.  At the same time, energy saving and consumption reduction, green forging and clean production should be promoted.  It is not only necessary for enterprises to save energy and reduce consumption to improve product quality, reduce pollution, reduce costs and improve benefits, but also an important way to break through the green barriers set up by industrial developed countries and firmly occupy the international market forging automation.