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Why it is more economical by using a servo electric screw press machine?

Servo electric screw press machine can save more money than other press,just because the servo electric screw press machine has three obvious features.These three features can help manufacturers reduce costs,thus obtaining higher economic benefits.Then,we will specifically analyze the three advantages of Servo electric screw press machine.

1.simple structure,low maintenance cost.

Servo electric screw press machine has fewer parts and the motor itself can stop the slider,the brake only do double protection,only used in power failureand other emergency situations,the service life of the brake piece is very long.servo electric screw press machine

2.fast forming speed for longer mold life

The mold of the Servo electric screw press machine squeezes the material in a very short time and can be processed before the material cools.When heating forging, the contact time between the press and the mold is short and the mold temperature changes little, so the life of the mold is greatly extended.Screw press machine can also be lubricated automatically to avoid the wear caused by manual refueling not in place and prolong the service life of the machine.

3.energy saving and environmental protection for reducing production costs

Servo electric screw press machine is more energy efficient than friction press.Servo electric screw press machine has low wear rate and long service life, which is twice that of ordinary press.The machine will turn only when it starts, so it reduces energy consumption and saves production costs, so it is more popular with people.