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41 years, focus on powder molding equipment research and development, with technology and the world exchange

Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery was founded in 1980, specializing in the production and development of press and supporting automation equipment, from pneumatic double disc friction press,  The first generation of electric screw press (switched reluctance motor), the second generation of electric screw press (stepper motor), the third generation of electric screw press (permanent magnet synchronous motor), the fourth generation electric screw press (closed static pressure type), the forging research and development of automatic production lines, as well as intelligent factory management, zhengzhou hualong machinery always walk in the forefront of science and technology,  Jiandong has always implemented the national intelligent manufacturing and help forge enterprises to achieve intelligent manufacturing production.  

One. Let servo service forging, help forging enterprises improve quality and efficiency  

All kinds of metal products and auto parts industry are used in places requiring high toughness and high reliability, so forgings should not only have high dimensional accuracy, but also have excellent characteristics and high stability. In the forging process, servo press uses its advantages to solve the problem of precision stability of forgings.  Servo press is totally different from traditional mechanical press. It is the combination of high and new technology and traditional mechanical technology, and realizes the digital control of stamping equipment.  It is a great breakthrough of precision forging to control the speed of slide block and running track of the press, so that the mechanical press has the characteristics of flexibility and intelligence, and the working performance and process adaptability are greatly improved.  

Second, servo, direction and future  

The application of the servo press technology to the precision of modern mechanical precision intelligent control opens the door, in the product forming, realization of automation, die life, energy, and many other aspects also has obvious advantages, with the rapid growth of domestic forging industry, rising market demands for intelligent manufacturing equipment, in technological innovation and market operation in China development speed,  Servo press has obviously become the mainstream equipment of precision intelligent press-assembly production line, which is occupying all walks of life in a large scale. The era of servo press is coming.  

Chinese Academy of Engineering is put forward a new generation of intelligent manufacturing, automation and digitalization, informatization and networking (big data, Internet of things and cloud computing), is a new generation of artificial intelligence technology and advanced manufacturing technology depth fusion, throughout the whole life cycle of product design, manufacturing, service integration of the optimization of the each link and the corresponding system,  It is the core driving force of the new round of industrial revolution to continuously improve the product quality, benefit and service level of enterprises and reduce the energy consumption of resources, and it is the main path for the transformation and upgrading of forging enterprises in the next decades.