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Is forging plant choose manual forging or automatic forging production?

In the process of hot forging and warm forging, the working environment of manual forging is often characterized by high temperature, loud noise and strong vibration.  Therefore, if the mass production of a single variety of forgings, enterprises using forging automation production will have a good effect.  General large forging enterprises with large output and single, will choose the automatic forging production line.  The following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of manual forging equipment and forging automation equipment.  

First, the four characteristics of manual forging are summarized as follows

1, manual forging required small initial investment amount  

2, manual forging equipment production efficiency is relatively low, about 9s a piece  

3, manual forging equipment required for the operator's skill level is relatively high  

4. The equipment required for manual forging is mainly manual handling of forgings and blanks, so complex forgings can be moved  

Forging automation

Two, forging automatic production can be summarized as four characteristics  

1, forging automatic production involves a large initial investment, about 2 times of manual equipment.  

2, forging automatic production equipment high production efficiency, production speed of 3S/ piece.  

3, forging automatic production equipment can be 24 hours non-stop stop, can automatically detect unqualified products.  

4, forging automation output is large.