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Only for the production process of customers to do equipment, in a word, adhere to 40 years

Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD., founded in 1980.

Focus on forging material related equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales.

In the past 41 years, the production concept of not making equipment for the sake of making equipment, but only making equipment for the production process of customers has been deeply rooted in the heart of every Hualong people.

I. 41 years, committed to forging automation equipment research and development

From the establishment of the company in 1980, the first generation of J67 series friction press was launched in 1996, and the first generation of electric screw press was launched in 2007, realizing the leap from manual to electric forging equipment.

In 2009, the third generation servo electric screw press was launched to realize the progress from program control to NUMERICAL control.

In 2012, fully enclosed hydrostatic electric screw press was introduced.

On the basis of servo, the whole process of automation has been realized and the equipment level of the whole industry has been improved.

II. Internet of Things + Intelligent production management system

Based on the automation of the whole forging process, Zhengzhou Hualong realizes the intellectualization of the manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment through the combination of intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, big data collection and analysis and equipment automation based on the new generation of 5G information technology.

Internet of things + intelligent production management system, not only through data analysis, targeted to help resistant material enterprises to develop energy-saving optimization programs.

Moreover, it can realize remote assistance, fault analysis and processing, remote program upgrade, etc., so that the service is zero distance.

Hualong people step by step, will not make equipment for the purpose of making equipment, only for the production process of customers to do equipment into action.