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Haloong forging press machine working site,double stations working

This video shows a forging customer site from Xuchang ,Haloong forging press machine can realize double stations working.Multi-station in one machine , forming strength is adjustable in each station.

Haloong forging press machine :

Precision control,quick response;Haloong forging press machine can set the pressure in advance,every process can be made repeatedly and precisely,which encure the products to be homogenized.Haloong forging press drove by the servo motor,which can response quickly.

While for the same material, the different repeated pressures can be used to make it gradually deformed and successively forged.

In general, for hot forge,the shorter time of forging ,the longer lifetime of die.

Also, haloong forging press machine, compare with impact hammer, the pressure of servo press produces inside of the frame, there is no excessive vibration to the ground ,so the cost of foundation is cheaper. The noise and vibration of servo press are far less than those of impact hammeer.