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What are the features of hot forging, warm forging and cold forging? Which forging press are suitable?

Hot forging: processing of billets above the recrystallization temperature of the metal.


1. Reduce the deformation resistance of the metal, thus reducing the end pressure required for the deformation of the blank and greatly reducing the tonnage of forging press equipment;

2. Change the as-cast structure of the ingot. After recrystallization in the process of hot forging, the coarse as-cast structure becomes the new structure of fine grains, and reduce the defects in the as-cast structure to improve the mechanical properties of the steel;

3. Improve the plasticity of steel, which is particularly important for some high-alloy steel which is brittle and difficult to forge at low temperature.It is suitable for a kind of metal material with large deformation resistance and poor plasticity under room temperature.

Warm forging: forging process at around recrystallization temperature.Features: the purpose of adopting warm forging technology is to obtain precision forgings. The advantage of warm forging lies in that it can improve the precision and quality of forgings, and there is no forming force like cold forging.It is suitable for precision die forging of medium and small carbon steel with complex shape.

Cold forging: processing of billets below the metal recrystallization temperature.Features: cold forging surface quality, high dimensional accuracy, can replace some cutting.Copper and some alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, low alloy steel structure steel.

Haloong forging press is driven by servo motor, with adjustable force, high precision and flexibility, which can realize various sliding block movement curves and complete various metal material processing and molding (cold and hot forging processing, cold forging of thin forging pieces can be completed).

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