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Oil leak when forging press begin to work?See Haloong fully enclosed forging press

As forging enterprises,we should pay attention to our forging press problem.Let’s see what kind of press machine won’t leak the oil.

1 In terms of driving mode:

Haloong forging press

In terms of driving mode,Haloong servo motor forging press is driven by servo motor,screw, nut and the slider do up and down linear movement,the main driving strength is made by screw,not by oil pressure.Oil inside is just for lubrication,not do sport by oil pressure,so it won’t cause oil leakage.

2,In terms of forging press structure

friction forging press bared structure

Friction forging press and bare electric screw press,because the screw nut is exposed, it often leads to the lubricating oil of the press, oil leakage and shed oil. Makes the machine body looks messy.

How about hualong's press - fully sealed structure.

Haloong forging press fully enclosed structure

Slider and cylinder are steel casting in one piece,not connected by flange,which avoid the possibility of oil leak.

Let’s know about Haloong Servo motor forging press in detail.

Haloong forging press working site

Haloong static servo electric screw forging press is a kind of press molding equipment,consist of static nut,screw and hydrostatic bearing drive,screw rotation,nut with slider do up and down rectilinear motion.Fully enclosed structure can isolate the dust,he cylinder body of the slide block diluted an aid guide rail, with four X guide rail of the column, make the slide block move up and down position and guide better, protect the embedded screw embedded .

At the same time, no radial force is generated when the nut is rotated, which can increase the life of the screw and nut by 3-5 times, greatly reducing the later maintenance and maintenance cost of the equipment. And the appearance of equipment clean, energy saving and environmental protection, low noise.