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Why does servo forging press have no energy loss?

We all know that the energy consumption of mechanical forging press is very high, and at present all industries are promoting energy saving and consumption reduction, it is particularly important to choose a good forging press equipment.

The driving part of mechanical press consists of driving motor, reducer, clutch and brake, flywheel mechanism and screw shaft mechanism. The motor speed and torque cannot be changed, and the slider's motion characteristics (stroke, speed, acceleration, etc.) are fixed, which cannot be adjusted or controlled. During the working process, all the transmission links of the motor and flywheel are always rotating, and the start and stop of the slider are controlled by mechanical components such as clutch and brake.

Mechanical forging press need flywheel’s rotational inertia to transfer energy to slider,and release or store energy by decelerating or accelerating the flywheel, and transfer this part of energy (about 36%) to the slider through the related actions of the clutch and brake to complete the parts forming and processing. And the transmission chain is long, the transmission precision is insufficient.

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Servo forging press drive parts mainly consist of servo drive motor,flywheel,screw shaft.The energy consuming parts such as clutch and brake are cancelled, and the transmission link is shortened, which not only reduces the energy consumption, but also improves the working reliability and reduces the equipment volume.

The travel size can be controlled by the motor motion, and can be adjusted to the minimum value of the necessary amount according to the needs.

The motor speed is adjustable, which can realize "slow working stroke, air travel fast", which not only improves the processing quality, but also improves the working efficiency.

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Servo forging press is driven by servo motor flywheel rotation,by screw structure turn rotation sport into up and down  rectilinear motion of the slider,which can control the energy precisely,no need of clutch response time,short transmission chain, quick response, no energy loss.

Servo forging press,driven by servo motor,low starting electricity current,no strike to grid;the motor starts when molding,feeding,getting products,cleaning the diets the motor stops,save electricity by 55%.

Recent years,as the servo motor driving begin to use in the molding equipment,servo forging press of new type forging equipment begin.Although at present,the manufacturing cost of servo forging press is 30%-40% higher than ordinary forging press .But its advantage of performance and energy efficiency,let servo forging press has obviously advantage.With time and technology move forward,servo forging press’ market advantage will be more obviously.

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