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How should the press machine be maintained?

  Press machine is a kind of precision equipment, the service life of the press machine will affect the profit of the manufacturer, so how to prolong the service life of the press machine?  Care should be taken not only in use, but also in the maintenance of the machine.  So who knows best about this job?  That is the operator, who can find the problems of the press machine early and prevent the parts of the press from being damaged. Today, Haloong will introduce to you how to maintain the press machine.  


  According to the use of the press machine to analyze:  

Maintenance of press machine before use:  

1.Check whether the oil pool, oil level and oil standard of the press machine meet the prescribed standards. If not, analyze specific problems or fill oil in time.  

2.Check whether the button is flexible, there is no reaction or damage.   

3. Check whether the motor grounding wire of the press machine is loose, detached or damaged.  If it is loose, it should be tightened. If it falls off or is damaged, professional maintenance personnel should be notified to deal with it.   

4. Check whether the safety protection device can be used normally.   

5. Check whether the handle is flexible.   

6.Check whether the nut is loose. If it is loose, tighten the nuts in all parts  

  Maintenance of press machine in use:  

1.Start the hydraulic pump, check whether the status of the hydraulic pump is good, the sealing parts and pipelines have no blockage and leakage.  

2.Check the limit switch operation is normal, limit switch locating iron is normal.  

3.Pay attention to whether the temperature and sound of each running part are normal at any time.  

press machine


  Maintenance of press machine after use:   

1. Check and clean all moving parts.  Each part should be fully kept clean, so as to reduce wear and prolong the life of the machine.  

2. When the machine stops using, each control handle (switch) is placed in neutral (zero).  

3. Check, clean and tidy the working face and working area.  The results should be recorded every day.  


  In the process of using the press, the operator can pay attention to the strange sound produced by the press;  Abnormal temperature rise, smoke, debris or metal particles in some parts;  And leaking pipelines.  Each day the operator should ask himself some questions and record the answers after passing the inspection to maintain a long-term maintenance record.  The above introduced how to maintain the press machine, hope to help you!