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What is the difference between electric screw press and crank press?

  Why electric screw press is different from crank press?  What are the specific differences?  In view of this problem, Haloong will analyze the difference between electric screw press and crank press from two aspects.  Now, let's learn together!  

  1. The structure   

 Electric screw press has the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation and small maintenance workload.  The striking energy of electric screw presscan be set accurately, and the energy and striking force can be adjusted according to the forming precision to reduce the mechanical stress and thermal contact time of the die and prolong the life of the die.  There are two main kinds of electric screw press: one is the electric screw press transmitted by the first gear, specifications are 0.4Mn ~ 80MN, the other is the direct drive electric screw press, specifications are 0.16Mn ~ 16MN.  It is a new type of energy saving and environmental protection press with good rigidity of body, high precision of slide guide and strong anti-biased load ability, which can be used for multi-station die forging.  

electric screw press

  The crank press is composed of a machine, a crankshaft placed horizontally under the machine, a double connecting rod hinged with the crankshaft and the slide block at both ends, a slide block located above the connecting rod, a work plate located below the slide block, a flywheel located outside the machine and connected with the crankshaft through a clutch, and a ball guide device. Crank press is different from electric screw press, new type of double crank press slide block and the length of the work table can seat at least six stamping location, the low center of gravity of the double crank press, fuselage short, reduces the manufacturing cost of press, improved the existing crank press die space light conditions, conducive to the operators operating, easy to install and replace the die, improved the security of the existing crank pressure units.  The length of the slide block can ensure that punching, blanking, multiple drawing and other processes can be completed on a crank press, and a double crank press can replace the existing two crank presses, reducing the cost of equipment.  

2.principle of operation

  Electric screw press is simple and compact in structure, short in transmission chain, convenient in operation and maintenance, small in maintenance work, so it can save labor and maintenance costs, and safe in operation.  According to the forging forming process, adjust the striking force and energy, so that the forging forming precision is high, the die stress is small, the die life is long. 

  Crank press is one of the most commonly used cold stamping equipment.  Its structure is simple and convenient to use.  In a crank press, the sliders are mounted on the crank shaft, reciprocated vertically within a certain stroke due to the rotation of the crank shaft, and stamped to the die to form the desired product.  Mechanical press has stable movement and reliable operation, widely used in stamping, extrusion, die forging and powder metallurgy.  

  So,do you know more about electric screw press and crank press?