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How to adjust the balance of the power press?

  How to keep the balance of the press? This is a question many people will ask.

  Today, we will talk about how to adjust the balance of power press.  When the press manufacturer adjusts the balance degree of the power press, the lower plane of the movable beam and the piston rod should be vertical, so that the parallel deviation between the lower plane of the movable beam and the working surface of the power press can reflect the vertical condition of the piston center line to the working surface.  The movable beam can be kept in the central position, and its parallelism error should be measured first.  

power press

  Subsequently, it should be checked whether the running straightness of the movable beam meets the requirements.  In adjusting the power press, first of all, the parallelism between the slider and the work table should be adjusted by adjusting the upper beam nut, so that the precision adjustment of the machine has a good foundation.  Under pressure condition (pressure), the piston and the parts connected by the movable beam are closely linked together, and the oil cylinder and the parts connected by the upper beam are tightened.  Then tighten the lock nut on the workbench as tightly as possible (under no load) so that precision adjustment can be carried out.  The adjustment method is the same as the adjustment of parallelism, which should be debugged carefully until it meets the standard.