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How does the automatic press manufacturer detect press equipment?

Automatic press is a kind of equipment with delicate structure.  After the production of a device, the manufacturer should test the performance of its various parts to ensure that the machine can be used safely.  So, how do automatic press manufacturers detect machine performance?  

The items that the manufacturer of automatic press needs to check are: check whether the fuselage is intact, smooth and without burr edges, check whether the fixing screws are tightened, check whether the connecting rod is bent, check whether the gear works normally after power on, whether there will be noise, check whether the slider movement is normal and whether the friction is normal, etc.  In addition, the automatic press manufacturer also needs to test the function of the equipment. The specific testing methods are as follows:


1. Load capacity  

The working pressure of automatic press should be limited below nominal pressure.  Overload protection is a safety device to prevent stamping errors, so before operation, calculate the tonnage required for work in advance, during the blanking operation, please maintain less than 70% of the ability to use, in order to prolong the life of the machine.  

 automatic press

2.pressure ability  

  The pressure capacity should vary according to the punch stroke position of the automatic press.  When the press manufacturer uses the automatic press, the working tonnage must be less than the stamping capacity shown in the curve, otherwise it will cause damage to the clutch.  

3. Energy capacity  

  Automatic press manufacturers pay special attention to avoid ultra energy work, because the energy dissipations of the electric screw press each trip, depending on each week during the period of the flywheel to release energy and motor supplementary energy balance, as a result, such as super energy operations for a long time,there will be the phenomenon of relay jumping off, in order to prevent this kind of phenomenon,the press manufacturer must work under the condition of less than the rated function.