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The difference between numerical control and program control of screw electric press machine.

  Screw electric press machine  is the equipment used in forging industry.  Screw electric press machine has the advantages of simple structure, simple adjustment and maintenance, slide block without bottom dead centre, convenient die design, high precision forgings. So, do you know how many kinds of screw electric press machine there are?  

  As we all know, screw electric press machine has program control and numerical control, but what is the difference between program control and numerical control in the work, which is more suitable for enterprises to use it, the following is to introduce the difference between program control and numerical control.  First of all, let's talk about program-controlled screw electric press machine. Program-controlled is program control, which can be PLC program, computer program, macro program, and so on.  

screw press machine

  Let's talk about CNC electric screw press, that is, digital control, computer control technology.  For example, various types of CNC machine tools.  Simple understanding is that the numerical control range is smaller, the program control range is large.  


  Program control is more rigid, unlike numerical control flexible and diverse, numerical control can be very flexible control of a variety of processes, and program control only for a certain program control. For the screw electric press machine, in the process of machining, numerical control, program control, digital display is often seen several systems.  

1. Numerical control system: digital control, is the control of speed, torque and displacement.  


2. Program control system: program control, is the control of speed and torque.  


3.Digital display system: digital display, can only display speed, torque, displacement, but not control. 


  In the process of using the screw electric press machine, the program control equipment has been adjusted by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, according to the set procedure operation.  And numerical control equipment can be set at will, so technical, flexibility, precision is higher.