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How to solve automatic power press malfunction

  What are the common faults of automatic power presses?  We believe that when you buy a automatic power press and put it into production, you will be happy to see a large number of products molded by the press, but at the same time, you will worry: 'What should I do if the press fails?  The company may not have relevant technicians to solve it, so it will take some time to ask the manufacturer to solve it.  Now, Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Co., Ltd. will teach you how to deal with press failures and how to solve press failures.  In this way, they can easily find the cause and solve the failure. 

 Common faults:  


(1) Uneven loading  


There is residual gas in the system of the automatic power press, which can be operated by the relevant information in item 3 and the lower tubing joint on the back of the cylinder can be loosened.  


(2) The oil pump motor does not work  


Replace the fuse.  

 automatic power press

(3) The automatic power press screen does not display


 Replace the fuse  


 Remove the rear cover and check whether the power cable connection is firm  


(4) The display is abnormal  


After the power of the automatic power press is off, open the rear cover and check whether the sensor input connector is reliable. If it is intact, check whether the sensor is normal.  


The above are all the troubleshooting methods of the automatic power press machine.