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How to operate automatic power press safely?

The application field of automatic power press  is very wide, and the equipment has many advantages.  When we purchase the automatic power press , we must ensure the safety of the use, so as to ensure the efficient operation of the production operation. Then how to do some specific operations? 


1. The automatic power press  must be installed with relevant protective equipment, and the machine can be operated only after the protective equipment is checked without any fault;  


2. Pay attention to the warning board on the automatic power press , keep it clear without damage, and do not remove it;  


3. Maintenance tools and sundries should be placed in a reasonable position, not on the automatic power press , otherwise it will cause safety hazards; 

automatic power press

4. If the equipment failure should immediately stop the machine, the company should contact professional technical personnel to check the press, find the cause of the fault and repair, only after troubleshooting the machine again to meet the standard, can operate the press


5. when using the automatic power press , the operation can be allowed under the condition of reaching the minimum sealing height;   

6. Operators should pay attention to their own safety when operating the machine. They should not be too close to the press and keep a safe distance from the machine.Remember that it is forbidden to put the head and body into the slide block of the automatic power press