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What should we do when there is no pressure on the power press?

Usually, no pressure or too low pressure on a power press is due to insufficient system pressure, lack of oil, or damaged electronic valves. Then how to repair and maintain the power press if this kind of situation occurs? Now Haloong will teach you a few methods:  

 1. Properly increase the diameter of the core damping hole of the large main valve of the power press.  In general, the diameter of the damping hole of the standard relief valve is 0.8-1.5mm, which can be changed to 1.5-1.8mm.  This has little effect on the static characteristics, but the lag time can be greatly reduced and the pressure can be rapidly increased.  


 2.Clean the main valve and pilot valve, and use 0.8-1.0m steel wire through the damping hole of the main valve core, or blow through with compressed air, so that you can rule out the fault of slow pressure rise in most cases.  

power press

 3. For the power press,reduce the lifting height of the main spool, such as in the upper end of the main spool of y1-10B valve set a 3-4.5mm thick gasket, the lag time can be about 0.4s by 2S, in addition to choose two concentric relief valve is better.  

 4. Use nylon brush to remove the burr on the edge of the main spool and body groove, to ensure that the gap between the main spool and the valve hole is flexibly moved in the range of 0.008-0.015mm. For the large overflow valve, the gap can be appropriately large.This is of great benefit to the power press.  

 5. Missing, wrong and broken spring, to repair or replace;  When remote pressure regulation is not needed, the remote control mouth should be blocked or blocked with rosser.  

According to different types of power press machines and processing requirements, make targeted and feasible safety operation procedures, and carry out necessary post training and safety education.  The user and the operator must strictly abide by the design and manufacturing units to provide safe use instructions and operating procedures, correct use and regular maintenance, so as to have better and more favorable development.