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Discussion on the development of forging auto parts in automobile industry

With the development of the automobile industry and the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for automobiles increases year by year. Auto parts play an important role in promoting the development of the automobile industry.This paper starts from the development of auto parts in China, analyzes the problems existing in auto parts forging, and puts forward the opinions and suggestions to accelerate the development of auto parts forging automation, so as to jointly promote the healthy development of China's auto industry.

1. Development of auto parts industry

In 2017, China's auto sales reached 28.88 million units, automobile industry and service of form a complete set of auto parts industry also gradually developed, automobile spare parts manufacturing industrial and technological level, also received a significant boost to the domestic other parts production enterprise to bring the huge pressure of competition,hot forging press  the domestic auto parts production enterprises to continuously strengthen technical innovation,Only by developing products with core competitiveness can we occupy more international and domestic markets.

2. Main problems existing in the forging of auto parts

The problems of auto parts forging include small scale, weak strength, lack of talents, etc. According to statistics, China's auto parts forging output has been in the forefront of the world for many years, but on the scale of forging enterprises, technical personnel, etc., there are still insufficient.Due to the poor environment, high labor intensity and low personnel treatment, some engineering and technical personnel and technical workers are lost in the auto parts forging industry.

3. Accelerate the healthy development of auto parts forging

Forging enterprise to lead the implementation planning, clear auto parts forging industry development cannot leave the market environment and the demand, both quantity and quality problems, starting from the source, to realize the automatic forging industry comprehensive forging reform step by step, formulate industry development speed, clear the direction of the industrial development and key,Promote the automatic development of auto parts forging industry step by step  hot forging press  .

Only by strengthening the reform of forging automation, making full use of advanced technology at home and abroad, can we achieve the precision of quantity and the self-sufficiency of talents, and develop the competitive auto parts in the international market, can we benefit the development of automobile industry.