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Where to invest in the automation transformation of forging enterprises?

At present, the automatic hot die forging production line, although due to the mature technology and increasing market penetration rate, the price continues to optimize and adjust, but the whole line investment amount is still large, for most forging enterprises, the pressure is greater.Therefore, for enterprises that have automation transformation needs and plans and expect limited investment, it is suggested to start from the following aspects to invest limited budget into a reasonable automated production line.

Automatic loading and unloading device

Automatic feeding device is divided into two kinds: cup type and mechanical arm.Feading device can reduce one station number, give consideration to vertical feeding and horizontal feeding, can reduce the fatigue strength of workers, improve the production efficiency of about 30%.The blanking device ensures the continuity of the automatic process, which is not subject to the operation proficiency of the workers and ensures the stability of the forging quality.The loading and unloading device is an important part of the investment in automation transformation.

Advantages and necessity of automatic sprinkler

(1)Low cost input, effectively reduce labor costs, improve labor production efficiency, few technical and production conditions constraints;

(2) The release agent is sprayed evenly and rapidly into the mold cavity to effectively play the role of cooling and lubrication, which can improve the quality and mold life of forgings, thus reducing the manufacturing cost of forgings;

Save labor costs, medium and long term calculation, reduce production costs;

(4) Spray device with release agent recycling device, can effectively save resources, more environmental protection;

(5) improve the working environment of the factory and improve the health of workers;

Meet the automatic production rhythm, timely cooling and lubrication die, stable production efficiency.

electric screw press

Selection of automation equipment suppliers

Reasonable selection of automation production equipment not only depends on the talent and judgment of forging enterprises, but also requires automation suppliers to be familiar with various automation equipment and applications, and combine with the industry's production standards, production requirements, production process, to provide reasonable feasibility analysis and implementation details, and have advanced technical support.

In the developed countries, especially countries such as Germany and Japan the die forging of development started early, rich experience, leading technology development, the current domestic electric screw press in domestic servo technology has been put into use in domestic, the servo electric screw press for example, more advanced servo technology, completely can be set into the automatic production line.

Compared with China, developed countries have a longer history, richer experience and higher technical level of die forging equipment research and development and manufacturing, which is a good reference for China's forging industry technology and equipment level improvement.However, considering the cost input and adaptability, it is recommended to select servo technology manufacturers such as China or Japan which are more cost-effective, more suitable for Asian production habits, and can provide rapid corresponding services when investing in automation transformation, so as to ensure maximum guarantee of input and benefit.