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Typical application of synchronous servo press in forging industry

As an advanced production equipment in forging industry, synchronous servo electric screw press is widely used in the processing of various metal parts. It has many advantages such as no oxidation, good surface quality, small deformation, no pollution and so on.This paper mainly introduces two typical applications of synchronous servo electric screw press in forging industry.

First, almost all the key parts of the car

In mechanical equipment, forging products account for a high proportion, such as almost all key parts of the automobile crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft, half shaft, transmission gear and so on, almost all use synchronous servo electric screw press.Or to improve the formability of materials, or to enhance the mechanical properties of parts and surface quality.

Second, the carrier key components of the aircraft

Frames, beams, landing gear, joints, etc in the aircraft body;Engine disk, shaft, ring and so on, hydraulic, pump machinery nearly half of the parts and so on.As an advanced forging equipment, synchronous servo electric screw press can not only guarantee the quality of many high quality forging products, but also solve the problems of energy consumption and environmental pollution of forging equipment.

Forging industry is facing the industrial upgrading, precision forging technology in the development, all kinds of forging products growing demand for servo press, believes that the application of synchronous servo press in forging industry will be more and more widely, and the combination of synchronous servo press and forging technology and the development also is bound to greatly improve the level of advanced manufacturing technology in our country.