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How does a professional R & D team work for forging small and medium-sized enterprises?

An excellent r&d team is able to develop more advanced technology, and the division of labor cooperation to resolve the problem, make the whole work process more smoothly, the servo electric screw press forging industry, is also a continuous innovation of technology, this shows how important it is to the existence of the r&d team, this article is from the enterprise itself research analyze the advantages of the r&d team and r&d team is how to plan work.

1. Planning phase

Formulate product specifications and system structure plan, and define the human resource requirements and time schedule for the follow-up stage of product development. For forging enterprises, a professional R & D team helps the production team to produce smoothly and execute smoothly in a clear plan.

2. Development phase

The most important part of the R&D team is to design the products in detail according to the product structure scheme and realize the system research and development. At the same time, the manufacturing process development related to the manufacturing of new products should be completed.

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3. Verification phase

In the validation stage, batch trial production is carried out to verify whether the product meets the requirements, including the verification of whether the manufacturing process of the new product meets the requirements of batch production.In the late stage of verification, it is also used by the market and the production department of the enterprise, and the process of gradually enlarging the output of the new product.

4. Lifecycle management stage

For the forging industry, in the later production process, there may be different problems in all aspects of products and machinery. At this time, it is necessary for the research and development team to analyze and modify, so as to shorten the failure time and not affect the production process.

Study phase is actually in the numerous possible to explore new possibilities, is not only the forging industry, each enterprise production base for a long time, will have its own research and development team, zhengzhou hualong servo electric screw press, is the enterprise's r&d team developed, as has been the eu certification, and recognition of enterprise, research and development team can make an enterprise more.