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What is the status quo and development of forging and pressing technology?

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer technology, forging technology has been widely used, from the product development, product forging technology analysis, this belongs to the innovative process scheme, so avoid a lot of design, manufacturing defects, improve product quality, save a lot of time, reduce the development cost.

Forging process analysis of products

Parts can not have cracking, wrinkle phenomenon, otherwise need to change the product, determine the direction, the software will automatically calculate where the problem exists, and through the color display.

Forging process plan planning

Through the analysis of the whole process, determine the process plan, through the optimization of products, shorten the process, reduce the number of molds, reduce mold investment, set a reasonable and perfect planning.

Material cost control

electric screw press

The selection of different materials, analysis, analysis of the results, determine the appropriate materials for the product, choose the appropriate materials, reduce the cost of materials.

Forging Equipment Selection

The reasonable selection of forging equipment is mainly decided by the practicability and economy of production.It should be selected flexibly according to the actual situation of the existing equipment in the factory.Generally speaking, small and medium-sized free forgings choose free forging hammer;Large forgings choose free forging hammer or hydraulic press;Hot die forging press should be used for die forging parts in mass production.Sscrew press should be used for symmetrical precision forgings.Hydraulic press should be used for large light metal die forging.

In recent years, China's forging industry has made great progress, but the progress of technical transformation is not fast, so it is urgent to study how to carry out technical transformation for enterprises.The key points include how to position the product, how to position and analyze the market, how to understand the technology market environment of Chinese enterprises, how to check and verify the forging cost, what is the popular technology in the world, and how to re-understand the domestic machinery construction.