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What is the simulation work research process of servo press?

Servo press can be set into the automatic production line and the curve of slide block programmable characteristics is becoming a trend in today's professional forging production, this article mainly through the introduction in the PC to carry out the work curve simulation, make the servo press production line put into production after can achieve higher production rhythm, efforts to achieve "optimal curve".

The servo technology of the main drive of the servo electric screw press is the development trend of the current stamping equipment.FAW-Volkswagen Motor Co., Ltd. has introduced servo press production line in each base, the advanced technology in the world.

In short, the technical advantages of the servo press are that the curve shape of the mechanical press can not be adjusted, to the servo electric screw press can be customized according to the parts, and there is a lot of room for improvement in production efficiency, production quality, energy consumption, equipment loss and other aspects.

The specific research process is as follows

The curve simulates the working process

The software used in the process of curve simulation has its own device data model, which can realize the relative motion relationship of each part consistent with the actual production state. In this environment, the parameters of each part can be adjusted and optimized to achieve the optimal setting.

 electric screw press

Simulation software interface

The curve simulates the main working interface, which mainly includes 13 movement units, and the trajectory shape is adjusted through the movement of each unit.

Beat maximization

Servo press production line design of the entire line maximum beat is 18 times/minute, in practical application, different parts of the maximum beat is different, it is necessary to customize the adjustment curve according to the actual situation of parts, from all aspects of adjustment, to achieve the maximum automation running beat.

At present, the automation beat of servo electric screw press has been maximized, and there is still room for improvement in the curve simulation and optimization of servo press production line in terms of energy consumption and life extension of equipment, which is the direction for further research in the next step.