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Servo era is coming, leading the new development of screw press!

The screw press has the functions of die forging hammer, mechanical press and many other forging machines. It has strong versatility and can be used in die forging, blanking, deep drawing and other processes.The development of screw press has been nearly one hundred years, and every improvement is the propellant for the progress of the industry.

Screw press originated in the 15th century Germany, John tang to berg invented a printing press, after the birth of human friction press, hydraulic screw press in the 20 s and 30 s of the electric screw press, and the production of electric screw press in the 50 s, until the 70 s after high energy screw press.Until the end of the 20th century, Japan developed a servo driven electric screw press, until now Germany Lasko and Japan Enomoto, and China's Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery Manufacturing has developed a servo electric screw press.

electric screw press

In China, the transmission efficiency of the first generation friction press is only about 60%, which has been banned by the state.The second generation of high-energy screw press is difficult to make exactly the same two motors, motor output is inconsistent, the maintenance cost is relatively high.Compared with the first generation of screw press, the low efficiency of the second generation of high energy screw press complex structure and high cost of maintenance, the emergence of servo direct drive screw press, solve these problems effectively, simple structure, reliable operation, small volume high power, effectively reduce the workload of the maintenance of mechanical transmission, and to adapt to the big occasions.

The emergence of servo technology has begun to lead the development direction of electric screw press, and forging is developing towards intelligent automation. The emergence of servo era will undoubtedly lead forging to the development of more advanced technology, and also become the consideration category of more forging enterprises.