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From the perspective of servo drive forging industry is how to improve?

The goal of zhengzhou hualong machinery manufacturing is to use the process of the user and do equipment.To this end, Zhengzhou Hualong machinery to implement innovative research and development concept, research and development of servo technology in the forging of automotive industry parts and other fields have a wide range of applications, but also has an impact on the forging automation.The spiral press used by Zhengzhou Hualong Machinery adopts the servo drive. How does the servo drive affect the forging industry?

Flexible production and timely production

Compared with mechanical processing technology, forging technology is more difficult to achieve flexible production, which is determined by the nature of forging technology. The die used in forging is not universal, so it is difficult to achieve automatic production of forging die, which makes it difficult to achieve flexible production of forging.The servo electric screw press adopts the servo drive technology with strong adaptability, which combines the flexibility of the hydraulic press with the advantages of high efficiency of the mechanical press organically. It can provide various stamping parts of different sizes and batches, and the production capacity and flexibility are greatly improved.

electric screw press

Automated Production

At present, the automation and intelligence of forging production has been the inevitable way of industrial development. As a traditional labor-intensive industry, forging will inevitably have the application demand of automation in the future industrial development.The servo electric screw press itself not only saves labor, but also can be grouped into the automatic production line, which provides a good condition for the upgrading of forging automation.

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is the trend of the world today, many foreign forging equipment is more and more attention to environmental problems, such as numerical control press, especially the European market, about environmental management, avoid the vibration and noise of the vertebral, forging equipment need through the CE certification, and the servo electric screw press has been from the European Union CE certification, in the aspect of environmental protection is a professional certification.

Servo technology has been widely used in the forging industry abroad, the domestic general degree is low, there are a lot of future development of the small and medium-sized enterprise is not clear, but the country has put forward the intelligent manufacturing, 2025, in the development of the future, servo technology is destined to be the future trend, at the same time, the effects of servo technology has been very clear, forging enterprise choice also appears more important.