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How wide is the application range of servo electric screw press?

In the emerging production demand, the high precision, high precision and high performance of these product manufacturing concept is also gradually rising, especially in recent years, the pursuit is towards low noise and low vibration, resource saving, environmental protection, so that can meet these requirements, developed a servo electric screw press.

Servo electric screw press is a press that drives the gear by servo motor to realize the movement of the slider.

Then the development trend of forging industry servo electric screw press can be applied to what production?

Servo electric screw press

1. Automotive industry: engine components, drive shaft components, gear components, brake disc components, etc.

3. Motor industry: motor micro-motor components, etc.

4. Electronic industry: circuit board components, electronic components.

5. Home appliance industry: Home appliance accessories, etc.

6. Machinery industry: machinery parts, automation components, etc.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers pursue cost-effective, servo electric screw press occupies a higher and higher proportion in the domestic market, as a wide range of adapt to the emerging development trend of the press, in the future will only be more and more widely used.