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They're all linkages, but can a few of them compare to a hundred of them?

Connecting rod is a very important part of gasoline engine and diesel engine. It has a great variety of components and huge demand. Its function is to connect piston and crankshaft, and to convert reciprocating motion of piston to rotary motion of crankshaft.It is one of the main transmission components of an automobile engine, so it is in most demand in automobiles.

At present, the price of connecting rod on the market is uneven, a few yuan to dozens of yuan or even hundreds of yuan, the market competition caused by the price difference, for the automobile parts manufacturing enterprises, which choice can get greater benefits?

I believe that most of the people who open this article are link manufacturers and link marketers. Our common concern is nothing more than profit. Isn't it said that the cheaper something is, the more popular it is?Perhaps in some commodity is this kind of phenomenon, but now, the car industry rapid development, any parts will affect the performance and configuration of the car, people begin to pay more attention to the "precision", and the precision of the so-called is a product is long life, good using effect, even delicate appearance generous, but the price high is a secondary consideration, as one of the important parts in car, connecting rod connecting rod forging precision will be more welcomed by automakers, establish a long-term cooperation, for the development of long-term interests and enterprise image has great promoting effect.

 electric screw press

And connecting rod material selection of the most high strength steel, steel rod is usually forging production, used in the process of machining the stamping forming, the market at present the use of advanced equipment and technology, the servo electric screw press is pay more attention to enterprise and use, controllable servo technology in the production of energy, high pressure energy, these are to stabilize the process and guarantee machining accuracy provides a good condition, ensure the connecting rod forgings with high strength and fatigue life.