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A set of bolts for 2,000 yuan? Look how this enterprise did it!

In our cognition of screws, bolts, screws and other fastening small parts, these are ordinary production representatives, but in a forging enterprise in Japan, a set of sold at a high price of 2000 yuan, what is the difference between these bolts and nuts?What is the reference significance for domestic bolt and nut manufacturers?

Kyo-ei, a Japanese company founded in 1963, has a history of half a century, and the company has basically adopted cemented carbide aluminum forging technology for bolts and nuts of different uses.The forging technology can not only make the parts much lighter, but also make them 3 to 5 times stronger than ordinary parts.For example, replacing forged nuts on motor vehicles can effectively improve the acceleration performance and braking effect of vehicles, and according to the actual test, 20 forged nuts of 5-hole cars are nearly half a jin lighter than 20 original factory nuts.

Forging equipment currently on the domestic market also gradually began to servo technology development, more and more enterprises begin to pay close attention to update and advanced equipment, precision control servo electric screw press servo technology, stamping forming, forging homogenization, high effectiveness, low cost in terms of quality of the precision is higher than the ordinary casting, improve interests at the same time, enhance the brand image at the same time, more conducive to the long-term development of the bolt and nut manufacturer in China.

electric screw press

In Japan have a lot of contact enterprise, achieved perfection in a product, now the blundering society pay more attention to the brand consciousness, an enterprise wants to survive for a long time, must want to have to delve into spirit and craftsmen, precisely precision pressure servo electric screw press, the production of forging high quality life is long, is advantageous to the manufacturer to survive in market competition, such a small product to make the power of the brand, very worth thinking about and referencing.