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What benefits will the high degree of automation of the equipment bring to the enterprise?

In recent years, the replacement of old equipment in all walks of life has been a common problem faced by enterprises. Throughout the development of machinery manufacturing in the forging and pressing industry, automatic intelligent large-scale manufacturing of equipment has been the general trend.

The following is to introduce the advantages of equipment automation to enterprises through the automation degree of servo electric screw press.

Save labor costs

Electric screw press driven by servo motor, one key operation, high degree of automation, low labor cost, can produce more high-quality products for enterprises within the specified time, reduce the cost of working capital.

Second, ensure the accuracy of the product

electric screw press

Servo electric screw press adopts a variety of high-precision detection, adjustment, automatic data recording, etc., which completely guarantees the high precision of the product in the strike process.

Third, improve efficiency and develop rapidly

Compared with the old equipment, the servo electric screw press digital control, work cycle is rigorous and regular, can realize the rapid delivery of enterprises, at the same time to reduce the loss of raw materials, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

Electric screw press of high automatic degree has gradually become the main forging forming equipment of domestic forging industry, more and more enterprises to adapt to social development, automation technology attaches great importance to by enterprises, fully automatic electric screw press is helpful to improve the level of automation, save labor costs, improve product consistency and provide opportunities for forging enterprise development by leaps and bounds.