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How to solve the machining deformation of aluminum parts?

In machinery manufacturing industry in our country, the workpiece in machining process can produce the problem such as deformation, will directly affect the size of the parts and precision, but with the development of the industry demand for aluminium parts to light weight, compact structure, so can through high-speed precision processing equipment, a complete parts for all of the steps, reduce parts processing due to too many tedious steps in the process of deformation, to avoid errors due to deformation, improve the dimensional accuracy, form and position precision of the parts.So we in the aluminum alloy parts processing how to prevent the aluminum alloy workpiece deformation problem?

First need to analyze the causes of deformation of aluminum alloy parts processing, in the process of parts processing, mainly in the process of producing pressure, especially non-ferrous metals including aluminum, magnesium alloy deformation happens often, caused by buckling, the phenomenon such as side bending, torsion, seriously affected parts machining quality and efficiency, difficult to guarantee the production efficiency.

Therefore, in order to improve the processing and use performance of aluminum alloy, heat treatment is needed to improve the pre-processing strength of aluminum alloy, and in the subsequent processing process, advanced equipment such as electric screw press response forming speed and other advantages for precision manufacturing.

 electric screw press

For these reasons, from the electric screw press and aluminum alloy forging steps of the metal parts are analyzed, the advantages of the whole process is done by one-time forging, won't cause the change of internal parts of large deformation, the size of the parts in the whole process is stable, is also due to the servo drive electric screw press, as controllable energy technology, forged aluminium alloy forgings are more uniform, won't appear deformation defects, zhengzhou hualong machinery grinds only servo technology, provide more professional service for you.