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Development of intelligent forging crankshaft

 With the development of the automobile industry, many countries are committed to the development of green and high-performance engines, so the engine is developing towards pressurization, high reliability and low emission direction.As the heart of the engine, crankshaft is facing the serious challenge of safety and reliability. Traditional materials and manufacturing technology can no longer meet its functional requirements. Therefore, crankshaft manufacturers are scrambling to introduce new technologies and new processes to improve the level of manufacturing technology.

In terms of the current situation, advanced intelligent equipment and technology from the basic dependence on imports, to the rapid development of domestic servo technology, Zhengzhou Hualong is committed to the research and development of servo technology, servo electric screw press developed in 2012, began to be widely used in domestic enterprises.

By electric screw press and other high-precision automatic line is the development direction of forging crankshaft production, when carries on the crank shaft parts processing, due to the electric screw press ram energy is high, so the whole stamping system to control the clearance link, reduces the processing because of the movement in the process of the vibration of the clearance of the crankshaft machining precision and to improve the service life.Moreover, the electric screw press has accurate and fast pressure energy and response speed, and each stroke is repeated to implement precise and precise pressure without clutch, which can effectively reduce equipment cost and processing cost. All these aspects are the intelligent forging development pursued by enterprises.

At present, most crankshaft production lines in China are composed of ordinary machine tools, with relatively low production efficiency and degree of automation, poor quality stability of the process, easy to produce large defects, difficult to meet the precise processing requirements.But with the advent of the globalization of trade, each manufacturer has been aware of the gravity of the situation, technical renovation, in succession to the promotion of the competitiveness of the enterprise, is the large number of imported advanced equipment and technology, the intelligence and the cooling of the crankshaft forging forming organization and performance is improved, and is also an important standard to test intelligence forging system.