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Why do more and more car owners want to replace forged steel wheels?

  Tire is composed of steel wheel and tire, supporting the weight of the whole vehicle, as an important part of driving safety, the quality of steel wheel is not only related to the handling performance of the vehicle, but also related to the life and safety of the personnel on board.Now more and more car owners want to change the forged steel wheel, especially some high-end cars, so what is the main reason?This paper will introduce the forging technology around the steel wheel.

The advantages of the forging industry

Aluminous liquid during the forging method without solid - liquid - solid shape change, avoid the impurities mixed results in the decrease of density, as well as the molding difficult to avoid the loose, porosity and other defects, so compared with cast steel wheel, forging closer, the molecular structure of the steel wheel strength is higher, the use of less material, lighter, but also improves the stability, safety and comfort in the process of the car.

In addition to the beauty of this point, but generally speaking, forging steel wheel in addition to the characteristics of high strength, in the shape can choose more concise, slender modeling, can reduce the wear of steel wheel, reduce the maintenance cost of the brake system, can extend the service life of the engine.

electric screw press

There are so many advantages in forging steel wheels that forging enterprises should adapt to the demand of forging industry to carry out corresponding transformation. The servo electric screw press has great advantages in precision forging to meet the requirements of forging steel wheels and has great competitive advantages in the market development.