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Automatic forging process of automobile connecting rod

 Connecting rod plays a crucial role in automobile and motorcycle engines. With the increasing attention paid to energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, automobiles and motorcycles are developing towards light weight and green energy conservation, so the requirements on various parts are also more stringent.

Auto connecting rod automatic forging production process is, automatic feeding - heating - forging - finishing - heat treatment - packing.

The automatic feeding machine will turn the FCL section into the rubbing machine, and the rubbing machine will transport the section to the conveying chain, ready to be sent to the heating furnace.

The heating furnace automatically adjusts the temperature according to the formula to reduce energy consumption to the maximum extent.

Forging belongs to the category of compression molding, for connecting rod forging, servo electric screw press production efficiency is high, material consumption is small, has higher technical and economic advantages, but also has labor saving, high safety performance characteristics.

The robot will send the forged connecting rod of the forging instrument to the precision machine for temperature control, cooling and packing.

electric screw press

Different kinds of connecting rods need different production processes, but for the consideration of product generality, the precise forging equipment should be selected. Therefore, the forging machine can adopt electric screw press, precise control of servo technology, and uniform manufacturing of products, which is applicable to the production of precision forging parts for automobile connecting rods and other requirements.