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What is the difference between forged gear and cast gear?

 With the enhancement of forging technology and automobile lightweight requirement, casting gear is gradually eliminated by gear enterprises, and automobile gear manufacturing industry begins to apply more forging forming technology.Precision forging of gear is an advanced manufacturing technology with high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, which has been widely used in the mass production of automobile tooth parts in recent years.

The following introduces the difference between forging gear and casting gear.

Forging gear internal structure dense, high strength, long life, excellent performance, not only beautiful appearance, work hardness is also greatly improved, containing few impurities, more reliable explosion-proof performance, higher grade.Can be used in strict working conditions.

The internal structure of the casting is poor, low strength, easy to appear sand hole, shrinkage loose, easy to fracture deformation, under the general working conditions can be applied, the explosion-proof level is lower than the forging process tools, at present the country advocates green environmental protection, casting pieces have been gradually listed as eliminated series.

Forging gear, in contrast, more attention in the future, electric screw press due to products with precision, high in recent years in terms of gear forging stamping energy has a great development, more and more forging manufacturer and user attaches great importance to the gear forging, especially after forging gear obtained very good results, and comparison of the electric screw press are easier to implement automatic production.

electric screw press

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