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Observation and Reflection on forging industry technology

 With the increasingly fierce product competition in the forging market, the forging shape processing technology is diversified, the mold structure is complicated, and the material weight is diversified.At the same time, with the high-end and customized products of home appliances, electronic communications and other industries, the fine quality requirements of various forgings are also getting higher and higher.In recent years, forging enterprises have a deeper understanding and thinking, the following is more profound participation in several aspects.

Servo technology has been widely used

After nearly two decades servo press technology development and application of the advantages of the servo press have been found and proved, and constantly update according to the requirements of product and process, the current domestic enterprises to adopt servo electric screw press has a very wide range, according to incomplete statistics, the country currently has a large servo press production line more than 50, the application of small and medium-sized servo press more numerous.

Domestic Zhengzhou Hualong developed the servo electric screw press in 2012, and has been committed to research and development innovation.

electric screw press

Automation and intelligence is not only the demand of users, but also the development direction of equipment

In the context of rising raw material prices, rising labor costs and improving quality requirements, especially for small and medium-sized forging enterprises, it is a clear direction for enterprises to survive and develop in a competitive environment by taking the road of specialization and automation.Automation is one of the important ways for enterprises to reduce labor costs, improve product quality, and then improve competitiveness. It is also the basis for realizing informationization and intellectualization.Both parts production enterprises and equipment production enterprises pay more and more attention to the development and application of automation, information and intelligence.As equipment, servo electric screw press is also constantly upgrading towards automation and intelligence.

Development and Perspective

Equipment factory and parts factory can joint development of technology, according to the product process requirements and characteristics of joint research and development for the process, tooling, equipment and automation systems, etc., required equipment and technology development personnel ability, will be more and more high to the requirement of equipment enterprises, enterprises with advanced technology, was particularly common in the forging industry.

This paper mainly analyzes and summarizes the current development of the forging industry. Through the analysis, it can be seen that the information of the forging industry and the development of the manufacturing process can help the forging enterprises to identify the direction and consolidate the development in the overall trend, and finally gradually realize the purpose of automatic and intelligent development.