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Forging industry development trend forecast

 In order to more accurately predict the development of the domestic forging industry in 2020, and better serve the forging enterprises.Through the form of a questionnaire survey of Chinese forging association, in Beijing, tianjin, shandong, henan, hubei, jiangsu, anhui, liaoning, jilin, Shanghai, zhejiang, guangdong, shanxi and shaanxi and other regions of forging enterprise and industry experts consulting research, and analyses all kinds of information research, from the industry as a whole, although have formed in the first half of the market pressures, but still have influence.At present, the problem worth attention is "production and sales", but at the same time, the market demand and other aspects showed a certain reservation attitude.

Forging sales

The forging industry is a basic manufacturing industry. Affected by the epidemic, the sales volume of forgings declined to a certain extent in the first half of the year. However, in the second half of the year, the epidemic situation in China was greatly alleviated, and the economy of all industries began to recover.But what needs to be paid attention to is that due to the inherent consensus formed by the lower price of forging products, the pressure of survival of enterprises has increased a lot.

Enterprise investment

Due to the forging industry enterprise survival pressure, the product price is falling, in order to reduce costs, increase profits, to survive in the fierce competition, every enterprise in the new intelligent automation equipment, as well as the existing equipment automation transformation and the construction of factory, special need to remind enterprises should choose the right equipment, zhengzhou hualong electric screw press servo drive, belong to the ranks of advanced forging equipment.

electric screw press

The market demand

As for the market demand of the forging industry in the first half of 2020, various enterprises have different views. Firstly, the automobile sales volume has been in negative growth for two consecutive years, so the automobile forging market is not optimistic.In contrast, rail transit, aerospace, petrochemicals and other industries are expected to grow steadily during the year, experts said.In terms of market demand forecast analysis, with the exception of the automobile industry, almost all industries have chosen to be flat or increase, with optimistic attitude.

From the forecast, it can be concluded that the forging industry should purchase new forging equipment in line with the development trend of the industry, and the servo electric screw press can be a good choice, and the development of intelligent equipment and intelligent production line should also be further strengthened.Carry out in-depth research from the technical level more, advocate not to grab orders and go for low price malicious competition, maintain a benign competitive market environment.