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How to improve the efficiency of the automatic forging line?

 Forging production line automation of the plant construction, equipment, etc, make its become the important part of costs, in the development of market demand and enterprise, how to improve production efficiency, such as production speed, quality of forgings, and give full play to the automatic production line of manufacturing capacity, is a question of each forging enterprise must face.In this paper, the factors affecting the production capacity of the automatic forging line are discussed, and the measures and methods of how to bring the capacity of the automatic forging line into full play and keep the level stable are discussed.

Reasonable workflow planning

Under the premise of not missing the work that should be done, the reasonable arrangement of work order and connecting process can improve work efficiency.Including but not limited to the production plan formulation, equipment and mold maintenance cycle, general overhaul of the time period of production.Analyze the production data regularly to get the performance rule of the automatic forging line in the above aspects, so that it may be possible to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Full use of equipment

(1) Selection of advanced equipment

From other forging enterprise and forging market experience and data of reference significance to the forging industry is still behind the old equipment, use advanced technology and equipment to ensure production efficiency under the premise of consider is an advantage for the long term, zhengzhou hualong servo technology has matured in 2012, electric screw press has attracted much attention in the forging industry.

electric screw press

(2) Double working table

The double working table has become the standard part of the automatic forging production line. The reasonable layout of mould storage and the design of changing order have great effect on improving safety and production efficiency.

Forging quality fluctuation

Through the quality fluctuation of forging products, considering the problems in the operation of the automatic production line such as molds and equipment comprehensively, we should go deeper when looking for the true cause, and analyze the reasons from the product quality, we can eliminate the hidden trouble of the production line in the bud stage, so that the equipment problems will not affect the whole forging line.

The improvement of the comprehensive efficiency of the automatic forging production line involves product management, equipment selection management and safety and environmental management, etc.Many aspects should be carried out simultaneously to make the process and equipment fully match, and the efficiency of electric screw press and production line should be brought into full play and researched to the highest level.