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How to realize intelligent manufacturing in forging industry

Considering how to realize intelligent manufacturing in the forging industry and obtain higher value from intelligent development, the most important thing is to return to the development of manufacturing itself and make the manufacturing process direct and transparent.In fact, the implementation of intelligent manufacturing depends on two aspects.

The improvement of enterprise management level

Enterprise management refers to use scientific and effective management system and standard method of production site elements, including personnel, equipment, raw materials, processing and testing methods, environment and so on carries on the reasonable and effective plan, many forging enterprise implement 5 s management in the workshop, high efficiency, high quality, low consumption safe and civilized production purpose.It lays a solid foundation for the enterprise to develop intelligent manufacturing.

Input of equipment

The reasonable selection of forging equipment is mainly determined by the practicality and economy of production, and should be flexible according to the actual situation of the existing equipment in the factory.Since 2012, while the state has been continuously organizing scientific and technological breakthroughs, some private high-tech companies have also injected new vitality into the development of China's servo drive technology.For example, Zhengzhou Hualong has put the first servo electric screw press on the market in 2012.

electric screw press

For enterprise development stage, of course, different, product, market, its focus and understanding of intelligent manufacturing is not the same, but the development of technology to promote the reform of enterprises is the inevitable, we mention "intelligent", more refers to the process of standardization, quality of production with high precision, more dependent on enterprise ability of self management reform and the reasonable choice of advanced equipment, can realize the intelligence of forging industry reform.