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Which aspects should the development of forging industry pay attention to?

With the support of national policy and the promotion of market development, the scale of China's forging industry has been ranked first in the world.With the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, China's forgings output keeps high and has become the largest producer and consumer of forgings in the world for many consecutive years.But there are still some difficulties.

Lack of awareness of scale advantage and common development of industry

There are a large number of forging enterprises in China, most of which are small in scale and relatively backward in technical equipment. They even disrupt the normal market order and affect the development and progress of the industry through price-oriented vicious competition.Small and medium-sized enterprises should update advanced equipment, such as electric screw press, expand their factory scale, and form an active competitive trend in the forging market.

The forging technology level is relatively backward

There is a lack of new methods in the research of forging forming technology in China, especially in the field of aviation, aerospace and other high-end forgings in China in the international competitiveness is relatively weak.Some raw materials even all rely on imports, which greatly affects the development of China's forging industry.

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Shortage of professional talents

Among them, the most deserving attention is the talent training, talent training is still difficult, the industry practitioners are not young, young people are less willing to engage in the forging industry.Due to the shortage of relevant professional and technical talents, expert talents and young professional talents, the development of high-end forging technology has been restricted.

The development of forging industry has been limited in different aspects. From the root, various reasons are analyzed, and it can be concluded that the development of emerging technologies affects the development of the industry. The selection of servo electric screw press and the training of professional talents are conducive to the mutually promoting development of China's forging industry.