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The significance of intelligent development of small and medium-sized forging enterprises

 The forging industry as a high-end equipment, aerospace, automobile and other key areas are involved in the foundation of manufacturing industry, speed up the implementation of intelligent manufacturing forging industry, for the development of domestic manufacturing, especially improve enterprise's profit ability and the comprehensive competitiveness, has important significance, intelligent automation development exactly how to improve enterprise profitability and competitiveness, can from the development of the market and the forging industry is analyzed.

Improve the profitability of enterprises

There are many enterprises in China's forging industry, and small and medium-sized enterprises have the most urgent need to reduce costs and increase benefits. If they want to improve their profitability, they should either increase product prices or make efforts to reduce costs.But the price of the product is determined by the mutual checks and balances between the market and the enterprise, so the profit of the enterprise mainly depends on the reduction of the production cost.So where does the cost difference come from?The answer is technology and management.We can treat technology development and efficient production as cost differences among enterprises. Excellent enterprises reduce internal transaction costs and improve profitability through r&d of advanced production technologies and scientific management methods.

Enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises

Actually, especially for small and medium-sized forging enterprise development to implement intelligent purpose is to promote the enterprise in the forging industry status, change the backward enterprise low-end impression, enterprise by using intelligent automation of advanced equipments, such as servo electric screw press can improve the production efficiency, reduce transaction costs, help enterprise realize differentiation competition.

Only high-end manufacturing, it is possible to use technical threshold, management threshold and cost advantages, to seize the initiative in their own hands.Today, we discussed the forging industry of intelligent development, is the first part of high-end manufacturing, the powerful weapon to differentiation competition is also advanced enterprise, if small and medium enterprises choose servo electric screw press, with advanced production equipment, the implementation of the effect will be fully reflected in corporate profitability, the trend of The Times, development is without cease, behind will be eliminated sooner or later.