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Why is the forging industry developing so fast?

During the "13th Five-Year plan" period in China, the national economy has developed rapidly, and forging enterprises have made considerable progress. The annual sales of leading forging enterprises in China have gradually increased, and the scale has more than doubled. The forging industry has developed so fast during this period, which is mainly due to three reasons.

The Meaning of Management

First of all, in terms of management, the management level of many enterprises has been greatly improved, and some leading enterprises have begun to attach importance to advanced talents, especially in the current shortage of talents in the forging industry, retaining and forging talents occupy a part of the development, talents can cultivate solutions for enterprises and comprehensively improve the management team ability.

Intelligent manufacturing equipment

Second, companies started to automation intelligent layout work, progress was made in automatic production, forging equipment at the beginning of the localization aspect achievement, the promotion of the servo electric screw press application gradually, the contrast overseas equipment, domestic equipment price is higher, is not inferior to foreign equipment, advanced technology is the preferred many replacement equipment.

Domestic market demand

In forging quality, with the promotion of automation and information, advanced equipment such as servo electric screw press has a wide range of applications, greatly improving the forging quality level;The application market of forgings has also expanded, and some forgings have replaced welding and powder metallurgy products.

Market and the enterprise supplement each other, the enterprise in the market development needs to analyze the demand of the market, the market will also have corresponding feedback, in the forging industry of the future, the momentum of development will be more rapid, enterprises should take the technology as the main reference, servo electric screw press is widely used in the forging industry, the application of domestic servo technology gradually popular, choose the application of servo technology electric screw press, forging companies cooperate more choice and zhengzhou hualong.