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How to maintain the electric screw press?

As is known to all, the electric screw press has been widely used in the forging industry, but no matter how good the performance of the equipment, in the process of forging always wear and large and small problems, affecting the precision of the forgings, and even affect the normal use, so the enterprise should be regularly to the electric screw press maintenance of nursing, so how to improve equipment repair quality and shorten the repair time.

1. Parts repair method.If the parts of the equipment are damaged, the whole set of parts can be removed, and then a set of prepared parts can be replaced to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and then the damaged parts can be sent to the repair shop for repair, so as to avoid the long repair time and affect the production.

2. Synchronous maintenance method.It refers to several closely related equipment in the production process, and these equipment are arranged for maintenance at the same time, so as to achieve maintenance synchronization, reduce the downtime of scattered maintenance, and do not affect the production process.
electric screw press

3. Partition maintenance method.Repair each part of the electric screw press separately and care one part at a time to speed up the maintenance and care time.

Through the above introduction, can effectively solve the electric screw press for repair quality and repair time, when the fault occurs, we can according to need and actual situation to choose suits own method, in use process, of course, we should for electric screw press for regular inspection and maintenance, in order to reduce the possibility of equipment failure.