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How does the electric screw press circulate?

 Forging enterprises to automatic intelligent transformation and upgrading has become the consensus in the industry.Compared with the transformation of some old equipment, the integrated advanced equipment can make the forging production line more stable and reliable, safe and environmental protection, energy saving and resource saving.

Rapid development in recent years, domestic forging equipment - zhengzhou hualong machinery through r&d and design of die forging enterprise provides the advanced equipment, servo electric screw press in forging process, the punch fall at a speed of larger, return and rapid rise, the stamping process requires the slider to faster decline, met forging punch velocity and reduce the system pressure, can ensure that huai is forging forming, stamping when finished, the punch to faster rise back to the initial position, high efficiency and precision of finished the whole work cycle.

electric screw press

Compared with the old equipment such as friction press, the servo electric screw press has a great advantage in the working cycle. The electric screw press realizes one-key operation and automatically completes the preset forming process: servo motor direct drive, digital accurate energy control, forging production has a higher qualified rate.