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How to solve the noise problem during forging process

Forging process is a key process in metal processing. Some problems often occur in forging process, such as metal heating, forging blank, forging heat treatment, forging inspection, etc.In these working environments, there will be certain noise, vibration and other problems. In addition, the ambient air quality of the working place is not high, which is very harmful to workers' health.

How to minimize the noise during the forging process?

For forging enterprises, the design of forging plant can be modified reasonably to reduce the impact of noise and vibration on the surrounding environment as far as possible.Corresponding noise reduction measures should be taken for different noise sources.Mainly should use the body performance is good, low noise, small vibration forging equipment.Servo electric screw press is driven by servo motor.The pressure generation is located within the frame. Compared with the impact hammer, there is no excessive ground vibration, and the ground foundation works can be implemented cheaply. The noise and vibration are far lower than the impact hammer.

electric screw press

Noise has become one of the three environmental hazards in modern society. Working in a high-noise environment can accelerate physical fatigue, reduce work efficiency, and lead to waste products or personal accidents.Servo electric screw press can effectively reduce the forging noise problem in the forging process. It is safe and reliable, simple structure, lower noise and lower vibration, so it is a better choice for forging enterprises now.