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The application of electric screw press in hot die forging is discussed

Hot die forging takes up a large proportion in aerospace, locomotive, automobile and other equipment, and directly determines a country's comprehensive equipment level, so hot die forging industry will surely usher in a huge development opportunity.In the future forging market, the precision requirements of hot die forging parts will be higher, and the production efficiency and automation degree of forging equipment of forging enterprises will be continuously improved with the continuous development of science and technology.

So how should the forging enterprise choose forging equipment?

The pressure energy of the electric screw press driven by the servo motor can be set in advance in a simple and accurate way, and each shape stroke is precise and tight pressure. In order to serve the production of various mechanical equipment, Zhengzhou Hualong began to put the servo electric screw press into the market in 2012, and it has been widely used.Servo motor direct drive, no clutch response time, fast operation response speed, accurate energy control, forging precision;High efficiency, energy saving, higher production efficiency;Servo electric press can be fully integrated into the full automatic production line, low proficiency requirements for workers, higher degree of automation.

electric screw press

The rapid development of China's hot die forging will promote China's equipment to the world, and will also have a great impact on the development of China's forging industry. A series of high-end equipment represented by the servo electric screw press will bring huge economic benefits to hot die forging enterprises.