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How to choose titanium alloy forging equipment?

At present, titanium alloy forgings are widely used in aircraft, power plant industry, automobile, medical equipment components and other industries due to their high strength, corrosion resistance, good welding performance and other characteristics.According to statistics, the weight ratio of titanium alloy used on foreign planes has reached about 30%, which shows that titanium alloy has a broad future in aviation industry and other industries.

However, there are also some problems in the forging process of titanium alloy. Due to the complexity of forging processing and heat treatment, it is easy to have defective titanium alloy forgings, so it is very important to choose the right forging equipment. The servo electric screw press developed by Zhengzhou Hualong is very suitable for the forging with high precision, such as titanium alloy.

Electric screw press forging titanium alloy

The servo electric screw press is a kind of energy-saving precision forging press equipment, which is completely suitable for the precision forging of titanium alloy blades and other blades. Due to the servo drive, the electric screw press has more accurate energy control, reasonable structure, high pressure energy, forging stamping forming, more uniform and precise.

In the development of titanium alloy forgings, more advanced equipment will occupy the trend of future development. More and more enterprises choose to produce titanium alloy forgings for servo electric screw press. In the development of mainstream forgings, enterprises that use advanced equipment to produce forgings will become profitable enterprises.